How to Live Well in a Senior Living Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are more commonly marketed to the younger generation, however with senior living community offerings and amenities, more seniors are choosing quaint studio apartments in senior living. Let’s look at how to downsize and live well in a smaller space.

What are the Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment?

With many seniors on a fixed income, the cost of senior living may cause stress or worry. The nice thing about studio apartments is that they cost a lot less than a 2 or 3 bedroom assisted living apartment and even a 1 bedroom. Many individuals have trouble keeping up with maintenance and affording larger units for an extended period. Studio senior apartments can assist you in extending your private pay finances longer, giving you peace of mind.

The main benefit of studio apartments for seniors is the increase in opportunities for socializing and connecting with your neighbors. We find that often when individuals move into larger apartments, they stay in their apartments more throughout the day versus getting out into the community and utilizing the shared spaces. We look at it this way, your apartment is your place of privacy, where you rest, sleep, have personal time. The rest of the community is your home as well. Initially, you may think you’re downsizing in leaving the home you’ve had for so many years but you’re actually upgrading to more space and a better quality of life.

Getting More Out of Life

Our community at Kingsley Shores offers an abundance of wellness programs, activities, events, and lifestyle happenings for you to take part in and get more out of life! We’ve had new residents also share that they love being served great meals (like a restaurant and not having to cook) and have great outdoor spaces, many activities to do if they choose to participate. Kingsley Shores is a fantastic place to live, no matter how much space you have.

What is Important to You?

It’s a question often asked as you navigate senior living communities. Usually the answers are safety, quality care, and trustworthy caregivers. Yes, studios are small and at first, you’re a little taken back. But looking back to the benefits, getting more out of life and WHY you or your loved one needs senior living, the first answer that came to your mind is not having a large 1- or 2-bedroom apartment.

At Kingsley Shores, we understand that making the decision to move yourself or moving a loved one into a senior living community and a studio apartment is challenging. That’s why we’re here to help you, guide you and let you know that it’s okay. It’s okay to be uncertain and scared about this decision. We will help you through this.

Ideas to Consider in Moving into a Studio Apartment
  • Pick a color scheme
  • Get creative with a theme
  • Take a trip to Ikea and get art that speaks to your esthetic
  • Use a divider to break up the space
  • Get a comfy twin size bed with new linen
  • Use curtains to make a statement
  • Make use of every corner
  • Utilize wall shelves
  • Double duty furniture (ex: ottoman that doubles as storage)
  • Pinterest is your friend
  • Get the floor plan with dimensions and outline what is necessary to bring with and what you can pass along to family


By Published On: January 6, 2022Categories: News