Maintenance-Free is the Way to Be

Why is maintenance-free living becoming more popular? Well, many people are now at the age where they want to travel more or visit more friends and family out of state. If you’re in that club, you may find a few issues with your current living situation, like: “who’s going to take care of the house?” You may have already decided to downsize and relocate to a smaller home, or even an apartment-style residence. This takes care of a lot of the traditional challenges, but only if the property provides such solutions. If not, you may turn to paid options like house sitters.

Should You Hire House Sitters?

House sitters are somewhat popular these days, and it makes sense. You want someone to keep the home in good, safe condition and ensure you can come home to things as you left them. Yet, there’s a big issue with house sitters and they may not be all they are cracked up to be. For example, they will be at the property every day and ensure it remains safe. However, they also use the kitchen (which can mean all kinds of risks). They use the entire premises (meaning there are risks for spills, stains, damage, and loss). They oversee locking and securing the premises. They also charge for the privilege of having someone around.

Hiring Outside Maintenance

You can hire a maintenance company to do the work, but that too is at a premium and not without associated risks. Who are they using for the work? Are they going to be consistent and safe? What sort of schedule will they follow? Can they ensure your home is going to remain safe and secure when different people are in or on the premises? And more importantly, how are they going to handle an issue if you are unavailable or far away on a vacation or trip?

The Homeowner’s Dilemma

On top of it all is the fact that your home’s need for maintenance and upkeep doesn’t diminish because you are away seeing the world and exploring. The roof might still leak, the heating system might still decide to fail, the basement may still flood, and the home itself will still age. Any of these issues could pop up and cause a lot of headaches that ruin your adventures. And we haven’t even touched on issues like lawn maintenance, snow removal, and all the rest. Is there a good solution? In a word: yes.

Downsize and Relocate to a Turnkey Apartment Living

If you are at the age where you can travel, you may not want a single-family home (and all its associated costs and risks) awaiting your return. You may also not have a need for the entire space of a home anymore. Instead, a turnkey home with a turnkey maintenance, community amenity spaces and a management service may be far more appealing.

What exactly could you anticipate from a turnkey operation? A basic list would include:

  • Your private residential living space can be monitored for security and safety.
  • Private mail would be held in a secure and private location so no one outside your friends would know of your absence.
  • Our Environmental Services Director takes care of all of the shoveling, home maintenance, support issues that you’d normally take care of at home.
  • There are housekeeping services available if you’d like to have on an as needed or ongoing basis.
  • You would be part of a community, and so your friends and neighbors would also be keeping a watchful eye on your home.
  • You can have a neighbor take care of pets while you are on your journey.
  • Your vehicles will be kept in a safe and secure parking area or garage where they can remain indefinitely.
  • With this sort of solution, you can travel for as long and as far away as you like and simply turn your key in the lock and know your home is just as you left it.
  • No worries about a leak that went unnoticed for days or weeks.
  • Fret no more about knee-high grass because the lawn maintenance people didn’t appear.
  • And no worries about a house sitter who may have decided to slack off on their own tidiness and housekeeping.
  • Kingsley Shores and Kingsley Place is professionally managed by SilverCrest Properties, a 35-year old reputable, and locally owned company.

An Independent Living Community is the Answer

You are at an age when you are no longer punching a clock and can travel. It is likely that you or your partner are over the age of 55. If that is the case, it means you qualify for life in a 55+ active adult community. This is an excellent way to enjoy the very best of life, including turnkey management during your travels. It is also the kind of community that will have options for maintenance-free living available. Because of that, you will be able to take worry-free vacations, and know that any issues with the physical structure, the grounds, the parking areas, and the common areas are addressed.

Is it worry-free living?

There is no such thing as a worry-free way of life, but if your goal is to head out on a holiday without the major worries that come with traditional home ownership, you’ll love living at our community. At Kingsley Shores Independent Living and Kingsley Place Independent Living, you will find the very best in turnkey apartment living. Kingsley Shores is an award-winning community in Lakeville, with a focus on wellness programs and amenities, providing spacious and stylish one to two-bedroom + den apartments. Not only do residents enjoy top-notch amenities and community conveniences, but they are also in a beautiful setting minutes from whatever they need. Making Kingsley Shores or Kingsley Place your next home is a perfect choice for the independent couple or single person. The Kingsley lifestyle offers abundant active living opportunities, a location embedded in nature, an array of community spaces and host of wellness program amenities. Kingsley is a good choice for those who want the best when they are at home, as well as when they are enjoying travel adventures.

If you are eager to find turnkey solutions to home maintenance and security while you are away for stretches at a time, Kingsley Shores or Kingsley Place just may be the perfect fit!

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